Economic value

Area of funding 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Further information
The total taxes borne and collected and paid to UK and overseas governments as a result of us doing business.
£ 877m £ 794m £ 947m £ 1,151m £ 1,234m Read more in our annual report
and accounts 2017.
The amount of investment going into businesses on behalf of customers.
£ 450bn £ 708.5bn £ 746.1bn £ 894bn £ 983bn Our good governance programme provides more details of how we use this influence to improve others environmental, social and governance performance.
Commercial property investment
The amount we invest on behalf of our clients via our property business. We're the third biggest UK commercial property landlord.
£ 11bn £ 13.56bn £ 15bn £ 23.2bn £ 24.9bn Read more about our work in our
real assets business.
The total net salaries we pay our UK employees, which are spent on products and services in the economy.
£ 289m £ 285m £ 298m £ 273m £ 294m Read more about the contribution that our people make to our customers and business in our our employees section.
The amount that we spend with suppliers to run our businesses in the UK.
£ 504m £ 527m £ 567m £ 586m £ 586m Read more in our sustainable supply.
As an investment for our shareholders
The amount in dividends we paid to our shareholders during the year.
£ 479m £ 580m £ 701m £ 830m £ 871m Read more in our annual report and accounts
about our dividend policy and approach.
Being there for our customers
The total amount paid out to our customers through insurance claims, pensions, life assurance and group protection payments.
£ 2.28bn £ 2.31bn £ 2.69bn £ 2.87bn £ 2.56bn Read more in our product performance section.
Contributions to local communities
We actively contribute to the third and not-for-profit sectors in the UK and the US businesses. *
£ 4m £ 4.2m £ 3.2m £ 3.4m £ 3.6m Read more about how we did this in our community section and CSR report.
Amount invested in social investments n / a £ 280k £ 100k £ 100k £ 100k Read more in our social enterprises section.
Amount of direct investments
designed to stimulate society and the economy for the long term
£ 2.9bn £ 5.7bn £ 7bn £ 10bn £ 14.4bn Read more in our annual report.

* Previous data included our business in France. We sold this business in Q2 2015.

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